Impulse Displays Wholesale or Retail


Travel Manicure Set  in  shiny chevron patterned case.  The set includes Nail files, clippers, and scissors.  Comes in a counter display of 12.  Retail $7.69 each.  


Push and Turn Pill Box holds a weeks pills.  Just push and turn the container to get the pills for each day.    Comes in a 12 peice display.  Retail $6.59


Fashion Pill Boxes in 4 colors

Fashion Pill Boxes in 4 colors come on a card of 12.  Each one says Hello Gorgeous.  Retail $ 4.99 


Jeweled pill box in bright colors and silver trim.

This bejeweled, multi compartment pill box comes in a display of 12 pieces.  Each one is brightly colored and has a jewel in the center.  Retail $4.99


Cross key chain on a clear acetate box and in 4 designs.

Cross key chains in four designs are carded and in an clear acetate box and in a 12 piece display.  Retail $3.29


Vintage look Coin purse key chain comes on a display card of 12 brightly colored pieces.  Retail $1.69

Impulse Displays Wholesale or Retail


Cotton handkerchief display holds 24 individually packaged white handkerchiefs.  Retail $1.69 each 


Compact LED hanging lantern in a 12 piece display.

Compact LED lantern comes in a 12 piece display.  The lantern either sits or hangs up, as needed. Produces 80 lumens  and comes with 3 AA batteries included. Retail $ 4.99


Handi Lite is a tough, compact work light that either hangs or sits, delivering 200 lumens of shadow free lighting measuring 2 1/4" by 3 3/4" Retail $6.99


This super bright LED lantern comes in a display of 6 pieces assorted red, green and blue.  The knob allows the light to go from night light dimness to work room brightness. Batteries are included.  Retail $14.99


Cordless light switch attaches magnetically, by double sided tape or  screws.  Batteries included

Battery operated light switch gives you 200 lumens of bright light wherever you need it.  It sticks up, attaches magnetically or goes up with a screw or tack.  Batteries are included.  Retail $7.99


Compact 9 LED Flashlight in a 16 piece display comes in bright glow in the dark colors.  Batteries are included.  Retail $3.99

Impulse Displays Wholesale or Retail

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Nail Clipper Display

Nail Clipper Display


Pocket Comb Display

Pocket Comb Display.


Car Charger for any USB device.  Bright colors.  Packed 24 to a display  Retail $3.19


Wall Charger Display has 24 pieces in assorted colors, can charge 2 devices at once.  Retail $4.99


I Phone cord  for charging or downloading.  24 pieces in a display.

24 brightly colored phone cords for I Phones.  Charge or download  Retail $ 3.99