Summer Toys Wholesale and Retail


Poof Football in bright colors.  Great for outdoor play.  Retail $11.99


28" tall rake, hoe and shovel set is great for beach or yard play.  American made in bright colors.  This set retails for $5.99


This big shovel is 15 inches long and 6 inches wide. Great for beach or backyard with sturdy handle and ribbed grip.  Retail $1.99


32 inch wooden handle shovel is American made and comes in assorted colors.  Great for backyard or beach play.  Retail $4.99 each


8" pail and shovel comes in round and square for the best sand castle building.  Assorted colors.  Retail $2.69 each


Jumbo Sand castle molds in two shapes and assorted colors.  American made.  Retail $3.99 each

Summer Toys Wholesale and Retail


sand pail and shovel

American made 7" pail and shovel for hours of play.  Colorful and durable.  Retail $2.29


sand bucket and shovel

Sturdy and colorful sand pails with shovels attached.  Retail $ 2.39


Basket of beach toys

 This eight piece set features a large beach basket that holds everything you need for hours of sand fun, including a pail and shovel, three sand shapes and a sand castle mold. The lid secures everything inside and doubles as a sand sieve!  Retail $15.79


Sand castle building molds

Sand castle building molds come in round, square and a curved rectangular shapes Bright colors and sturdy construction.  Retail $1.59 each


Sand toy turtle set

8 pc. Turtle Beach Set has 4 sand molds a shovel, and the base is a sieve.   Colorful and sturdy.  Retail $4.79


Jumbo sand pail

Jumbo Pail. Colorful and durable pails with an 8 1/2" shovel attached by a removable handle strap.  Retail $4.49

Summer Toys Wholesale and Retail


 This 20 piece beach set includes everything you need for a day at the beach.   Bright colors and American made.  Retail $19.99


 This 14 piece beach assortment  is American made and in bright colors.  It features a boat and sand toys.  Retail $ 27.99



Four assorted sets  of 7 pieces, each featuring a 6" pail, dump truck, loader or big scoop shovel. Each set also includes the 01220 3 pc. hand tools set. Sets are packed in a mesh bag Retail $8.99


Lil' sprinkler is toddler gardener fun.  Retail $1.99


Truck full of sand toys.  American made.  Retail $18.99


Sand and Water Wheel includes sieve, wheels and rake and shovel.

Sand and Water Wheel has s shovel, rake, sieve and free turning wheels for hours of fun.  Retail $9.69

Summer Toys Wholesale and Retail


Cute Wheelbarrow is sturdy and in bright colors.  Just right for helping mom and dad. Retail $7.79


 This large wheelbarrow is made to look just like Mom’s or Dad’s. It’s perfect for hauling those heavy loads. This wheelbarrow nests for easy shelf display and customer access. Retail $9.29


  It has a pull starter, power shifter, makes a motor sounding noise, and features larger rear wheels. This lawn mower nests for easy shelf display and customer access.  Retail $9.99


 10 piece value set includes a 15" Big Beach Shovel, 8" pail with handle and shovel, a castle mold, a sieve, four large sand shapes and two small sand shapes. Packaged in a mesh bag with a colorful header card. Retail9.99


10 piece Great Sand Set great for beachor sand box.  Retail12.59


 Sand Castle Building Set. This 9 piece set features a large spinning sand wheel with additional assorted beach toys.  Retail $19.99